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What is The BIG Hedgehog Map?

The BIG Hedgehog Map is a new feature launched through the Hedgehog Street campaign, a national conservation project by PTES & BHPS aimed at Britain’s declining hedgehogs.

It aims to

1. Be a central hub for records of hedgehogs, dead or alive. If you see one you can map it. We will share this map and the data with other organisations’ websites to ensure everyone knows about recent hedgehog sightings.

2. Encourage people to do that bit more for hedgehogs, by pledging to make a hole in their fence.

3. Host a national network of hedgehog highways, made by volunteers, that will allow hedgehogs to move freely between gardens. A lack of connectivity is thought to be an important driver of the decline.

We hope you find it useful! Keep up the good work,

The Hedgehog Street team……………..##>

Photo by Hedgehog Champion Brian Smith