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The Big Hedgehog Map

To see how many hedgehogs have been sighted in your area,
just type your postcode into the box here:


  • Hedgehogs (dead or alive)
  • Hedgehog holes
  • Live hedgehog
  • Dead hedgehog
  • Roadkill hedgehog
  • Independent hedgehog hole
  • Paragon hedgehog project hole
  • Warwickshire Wildlife Trust HIA hole
  • Gloucester Wildlife Trust hole
  • Suffolk Wildlife Trust
  • Living with Mammals
  • Mammals on Roads
  • Project Splatter
  • iWatch Wildlife sighting
  • London Wildlife Trust sighting
  • Glasgow Hogwatch Project
  • Hedgehog Friendly Campus project
  • Help a Hog Northampton project
  • Keyworth Hedgehog Highway Project
  • Otford Hog Highway
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There are currently 0 holes mapped.

There are currently 0 hedgehogs mapped.